Full Stack Web Development Roadmap – How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

In this article, I am going to share a roadmap to become a Web Developer from an absolute Beginner.

Since I am not a Web Developer, so I have made this roadmap by reading different forums and watching various interviews of experienced web developers.

I have linked all the necessary free resources (YouTube, Blogs) which will help you to learn Web Development for absolutely free. I have tried to found Hindi Tutorials but haven’t got all the tutorials. So some of the Tutorials are in Hindi while some of them are in English.

Check out the Ultimate Roadmap to become Web Development. If you have any suggestions or queries then you can comment below.

How Internet Works

  • Zero to mastery playlist 🚀

    Introduction to how a simple google search works and all the things you can explore with it.

  • Academind introduction video 🚀

    From request to response – how does the web work? Let’s have a look at a high-level overview.

  • MDN Introduction 🚀

    This article discusses what the Internet is and how it works

Learn HTML

  • HTML Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi 🚀

    Simple crash course about everything in HTML, CSS for beginners

  • HTML 5 Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi 🚀

    Basic things like tags, styling, and much more in this long course.

Learn CSS

  • CSS Tutorial – Zero to Hero in Hindi 🚀

    A-Z of CSS right from basics in this 8 hours and 20 minutes video course.
    Learn about Colors & Backgrounds, CSS Box Model, Fonts & Display, Size, Position & Lists, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid & Media Queries, Transforms, Transitions & Animations and Flipkart Clone Project.

Learn a CSS framework

Learn JavaScript

Learn Git

Learn NPM

Learn a frontend Framework

  • Learn React JS 🚀

    Everything about one of the most famous frontend frameworks – react. Learn, build, enjoy.

  • Learn Angular JS 🚀

    Everything about one of the most famous frontend frameworks – Angular. Learn, build, enjoy.

  • Learn Vue JS 🚀

    Everything about one of the most famous frontend frameworks – Vue. Learn, build, enjoy.

Learn Node, Express JS

Learn Firebase

  • Awesome introduction 🚀

    Learn the firestore from firebase with the realtime database to store and show things.

  • Authentication 🚀

    React Authentication Crash Course With Firebase And Routing

  • Additional 🚀

    Learn all the awesome things you can do with Firebase like database, firestore, auth, chat, analytics, etc.

Learn Databases

  • SQL 🚀

    Simple SQL introduction in one video, integrate with your project today.

  • Mongo DB 🚀

    Everything about the modern database – Mongo Db to integrate in your next project.

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